Ql. Are these Wrought Iron Beds ?
Q2. Steel bedsf v/s. wooden hand crafted beds.
Q3. NIDRA beds v/s. competition.
Q4. NIDRA range of beds
Q5. Customer base.

Ql. Are these Wrought Iron Beds ?
Al. No. These beds are made of CRCA ( Cold Rolled Closed Annealed ) Steel,a far superior material in strength, finish, and other properties, than wrought iron. Technically Steel is obtained by further refining and alloying Iron which is wrought - meaning of wrought is "incomplete". Wrought Iron cannot have a good finish unless corrected superficially by paint putty etc. Hence usually garden railings and outdoor furniture is made in Wrought Iron where finish and other above mentioned conditions do not matter.

Q2. Steel beds v/s. wooden hand crafted beds.
A2. Wood, obtained by chopping off trees, whose existence in nature is essential to maintain the Ecological balance, is a dwindling resource and hence usage of wood in furniture is being discouraged from the Ecology point of view. Processed wood as Plywood, chip board, MDF ( Medium Density Fibre ) Board, etc.,, are in the market as the next best alternative to wood and being put to use by people who are more Eco conscious. But a larger section of the educated and conscious population which fall in the Eco friendly category are now avoiding entirely the use of wood in furniture by resorting to alternative materials, like plastics, aluminium, steel, etc. Steel among the alternatives is not only the strongest material, comparatively cheaper but also can be formed, shaped, etc., in a production setup to accurate repetitive standards and can be given a long lasting finish in pleasing colours and hence has in recent times found a wider acceptance in furniture applications. Beds as all users will agree, do not fall in the static furniture category, but fall in the dynamic category due to the type of its use. Hence beds of steel, due to superior fastening /joining techniques will be more long lasting than wood tenon joints. Other numerous advantages of steel over wood are that steel will be insect free; wood would absorb moisture, hibernate bugs, termites, etc. Wood further would be adding fuel to an unfortunate event of fire propagation. Lastly Steel would need very little maintenance over the years.

Q3. NIDRA beds v/s. competition.
A3. NIDRA beds exhibit modular designs, CKD (Completely knock Down) concept, coupled with the philosophy of Continuous Improvement in their products with a view to pass on the benefits to the customers. Reasonably priced to give value for money to the customer. Modular concept protects the investment of the Customer from product outgrowing over age. Well engineered without sharp comers, the products are safe for use by all recommended ages. Good and quality conscious manufacturing of products is done by using Eco friendly engineering processes.

Q4. NIDRA range of beds
A4. The NIDRA range of beds get classified based on Single beds. Double beds,Bunk beds. Space saving folding beds, etc., with Under Bed Storage units of different types - Drawer type and floor model ( with or without lid ). Further in each category of the beds the range is added by the frame designs for the Head and Leg side; Head side with the leg side plain; and so on. The bedstead are of 3 different types namely at the bottom end the Wire Mesh bedstead, followed by the Slat type bedstead and topped by the all steel Shelf type bedstead. Finally the joining system of the bedstead and the Head and leg frames varies - the Kangaroo Pouch spigot system or the Shaft Flange bolting system. The multi colours that the beds are powder coated, along with the decorative fittings and functional elements add the final flavour to the beds aesthetics.

Q5 Customer base.
A5. NIDRA customers range from the individual home segment customer - a base of more than 8000 satisfied customers in and around Mumbai to the Institutional segment. The list of prestigious customers range from Educational Institutions, to hotels, hostels, lodges, guest houses, hospitals etc., supplied with the NIDRA standard or specially designed beds as in the case of Beds in Residential Quarters of various Offshore Oil Rigs. The Customer Expectations Servicing is done by the able Marketing team, assisted where ever necessary by the Technical team and the span of NIDRA beds Distributors and Dealers spread out over the geographical area.

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