Nidra Beds

About us

Nidra stands for options in Sleep, storage and working space

Home is where the heart is,,yes! We are, by nature, home birds; Like the birds that fly towards their abode (nest) by evening, we love to go home after a tiring day at work, because home is where we can relax, rest and rejuvenate

Thus, Nidra was started primarily as a comfort-provider; we at Nidra, believed that home is the only place that provides safe and soothing environment for us to rest; home is also the place where we get good sleep. So Nidra has focused on sleeping comfort, and our beds stand testimony to our ardent desire to do what we stood for: providing comfort and that’s what Nidra takes care of.

As times went by, we realized that with changes in lifestyle, creativity in the entire field of furniture-making has also undergone a huge metamorphosis. Simple, functional beds, that were once mere objects of utility became stylish and multi-functional. People, who used to just stack things, now wanted trendier and unique storage options. As living spaces shrank, there has been an enormous need for multi-storage options; and that’s what Nidra makes for you.

Another major turning point was to do with office space. Earlier, it was just an office; ’ now it has become almost like a second home as we spend a lot of our waking time in the office. Here was a shift in the thought-process; earlier people would go for utilitarian options in an office; but now, they want an office to look good and elegant also. Thus old shelves and storage almirahs gave way to new and effective office furniture; and that’s what Nidra works on.

Thus, Nidra also reinvented itself with many more new additions, exceptionally useful, yet, highly functional sleep options, storage spaces, office tables and other value-additions.

At Nidra, our core focus has been providing comfort in the areas of sleep, storage and office space, and in doing so, we specialize in space-saving ideas and options.

The list of things we do is very long; in fact, we have many more new, exciting ideas to make life more comfortable and easier.


How we started

Well, It is quite providential that when we decided to start with Nidra, the first thought we had was to design beds for children. Rest and sleep plays a crucial role in a child’s life, and it leads to good health. When we talk about beds for children, the first and foremost aspect that we would look for would naturally be safety. Comfort, utilization of space, and then aesthetics would follow , in that order. Those were the parameters that we started with; and in the course of time, we have added a host of sleep options, in which safety, comfort and aesthetics play a very crucial role.

The journey so far

We at Nidra have been catering to the aspects of comfortable sleep for the past twenty years- be it a family that sleeps at home, a nurse taking rest in her quarters, a student at IIT , or a Project Engineer taking rest after a hard day of work, or the extreme case of sailors who have to catch forty winks as the ship pitches and rolls in Mid-Atlantic!

We have a specific, customized solution for every sleeping need. Slowly, we moved on with the times, and in doing so, we have ventured into new vistas of furniture – making. Our life and tastes have changed, from simple, basic needs to aesthetic surroundings, trendy options for storage, and so on. Thus, an ordinary bed has given way to good-looking, colourful beds, side tables, storage options became value additions to an otherwise ordinary home. That’s where Nidra plays a positive role.